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Omak Isıtma Sistemleri San. Tic. A.Ş.

From 1970 This Days...

Our company, which was established in 1970 for Office Machinery Trade, started importing copy machines in 1972, for which it was the distributor in Turkey. Omak Makina Sanayi, which turned to manufacturing activities after 1978, took on a corporate structure by becoming a company in 1982.

Our company opened its own production facilities located at the 45th kilometer of Ankara Haymana Road in 1986. In these facilities, besides production, there are Management, storage, R&D and Quality Control units. The Accounting and Foreign Trade unit of the company is located in the Central Office in Kocatepe, Ankara.

Since 1989, our company has started the production of “seamless” Electric Bottom Blankets for the first time in Turkey, thanks to special machines of its own design and production. As a result of the investments made in the following years, our company has grown in terms of both capacity and product variety. In addition to the electric blanket, the production of local heaters with digital temperature control in the form of neck, waist, abdomen and knee heaters, electric mattresses, auto cushions, electric boots and battery operated shoe sole heaters has started.


Another production branch of our company is industrial heater and temperature control systems. Omak Machinery Industry today; Considering the quality, capacity, production and device technologies in the R&D laboratory on electric blankets, industrial heaters and temperature control systems, it has become the largest manufacturer of many European countries as well as the Middle East and the Balkans. Intelligent temperature controlled floor heating systems, film heaters, industrial type patented barrel – IBC tank heaters, heat bands, gutter heaters, fuel filter heaters, greenhouse heaters, beehive heaters, dish used in communication and data transfer to a wide range of customer portfolio. antenna heaters etc. offers special flexible heater solutions and temperature control systems for different needs.

Plastic household appliances, which is the other production branch of our company, proceeds in the same way and supplies products to many markets such as A101, Bim, Koçtaş, Metro, Carrefour, both under its own name and as a private brand.

By separating these two main branches on a company basis in 2021, Omak Heating Systems San. Trade Inc. was established and industrial heaters were transferred to this company. And now it is produced and developed under this company.