Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters

Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters

Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters are specialized heating equipments, used in industrial applications. Such devices are usually used for taking the liquids or other materials within the barrels to a certain temperature.

Heating temperatures of Plastic Barrels

In terms of the maximum temperature degree that the plastic barrels may be heated up to, it is important to indicate that the plastic materials have some certain temperature limits. For example, the Polyethylene can only tolerate a temperature range between -50°C   and +80°C. Based on the experiences we have accumulated over the years, we do not recommend temperatures over 60°C

Plastik Varil/Bidon Isıtıcısı, Drum Heater

Why are the temperature limits important?

 When the durability of the barrels, the structural changes in the materials within the barrels and the melting of the barrels are taken into account, selling the plastic barrels becomes a sensitive issue. Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters controls the temperature with a 10C of sensitivity directly over the heater, which results in a more precise and accurate temperature control.

The Temperature Control Device (62012) that we use in our barrel heaters (62012) also offers extra features to the users such as ability to set min/max temperature limits and gradual heating. Such features, while limiting the temperature values that can be set for the barrel heater, also determines the heating speed of the heater.

Here are some general information about the plastic barrel heaters

  1. Operating Principles: Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters are the heating components, installed onto the outer side of the barrel. They wrap around the barrel and through the digital temperature sensor inside the heater, controls the temperature accurately.
  2. Applications:
    • Chemical Industry: Used to control the chemical reactions or process the materials at some certain temperatures. Used to heat up materials such as SLES or epoxy.
    • Food Industry: Used to take liquid materials in food industry to certain temperature degrees or to preserve them at certain temperatures.
    • Oil Industry: Can be used to control the temperatures during the processing or the transportation of petroleum products.
  3. Advantages
  • Rapid Heating: Omak Heaters Plastic Barrel Heaters enables rapid and homogenous heating just within minutes.
  • Controlled Heating: Controls the temperatures in a sensitive manner during the process,
  • Portable: Such products are transportable and easily installable.
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