The Use And The Advantages Of IBC02 IBC Tank Heater Blanket System

The Use And The Advantages Of IBC02 IBC Tank Heat Blanket System

The IBC02 IBC Tank Heater Blanket  is a complementary product to the IBC01 Tank Heater Blanket. It is recommended for cases, where the material is required to be received from the tap, located below the IBC.

Material and Structure

The IBC02 Heater is manufactured by utilizing flexible film heaters.

This heater is designed so that it can be easily placed between the pallet blades.

Heat Insulation

The insulation jacked on its back cuts off the direct contact with the area, on which the heater is placed, and thus provides effective heat insulation.

As the result, the heat loss is minimized and the energy efficiency is increased.

IBC02 IBC Tank Heater Blanket

IBC02 IBC Tank Heater Blanket

Air Circulation

Thanks to the special design details of this heater, the heated air is directed to the IBC tank. With this method, an ideal heating solution is offered for the IBC’s with taps on the bottom.


When paired with the IBC01 Heating System, this combination offers an unparalleled heating solution.

When the two aforementioned products come together, the IBC2s can be heated in a homogenous manner at the desired temperature.

This product is not designed as a stand-alone solution to heat up an entire IBC, instead, it was been developed to complement the IBC01 Heating System.

Control and Set-Up

The digital Temperature Control Device offers users the ability to fine temperature adjustments.

The 62012 Temperature Control Device also offers advantages to the users due to the facts that it is produced with semi-conductors, it has no mechanical life span and that it offers a problem free use for an extended period of time.

IBC02 IBC Tank Heater Blanket