At What Temperature Should The IBC Tank Heaters Be?

At What Temperature Should The IBC Tank Heaters Be?

The raw material of the Plastic IBC Tanks (Intermediate Bulk Container) is usually the Polyethylene (PE). Such tanks are durable, lightweight and has chemical resistance and therefore they are used for liquid handling and storage in industrial applications.

The Polyethylene can be used within a wide temperature range and shows resistance against various chemicals.

Major Reasons for Using Polyethylene

  • Chemical Resistance: The Polyethylene has resistance against various different chemicals. This feature is suitable for storing different types of chemicals in a safe manner in various industrial applications.
IBC Tank Heater

IBC Tank Heater

    • Light Weight and Portability: The Jacket is made of a lightweight material and this makes transporting and installing IBC tanks a much easier task. This also provides an edge in terms of transporting, storage and handling of a tank.
    • Durability and Long-Life: The product is durable against impacts and cracks. Its structure helps the tank last longer and stand against different conditions.
    • Corrosion Resistance: It is more resistant to the corrosion compared to the metal tanks. When exposed to chemical agents or if used in aggressive environment, it provides and edge.
    • Economic and Easier to Produce: The material has a reasonable cost and it is usually easier to manufacture this product. This may lead to decreases in total costs and may render the production processes more efficient.
    • Cleaning Process and Hygiene: Can be easily cleaned and it is a hygienic material. This characteristic becomes even more important when used in key industries such as food & beverage.

    The Polyethylene is heated up a range of 120-130C to be melted during the production phase. It also becomes softer around 60C.

    Therefore, our important recommendation to our customers, who use Omak Heaters IBC Tank Heaters is as follows;

    In order to prevent heat escape induced losses, our customers are advised to use IBC Tank Insulation Jackets. This product, by wrapping around the IBC Tank Heaters, prevents heat escapes and thus the IBC Tank Heaters reach to higher temperatures faster with using much less energy.

    Our customers are then advised to learn the application temperature of the application temperature of the chemical to be used from the chemicals own data base and to enter the indicated values to the 62012 IBC Temperature Control Devices that our company has developed.

    The attention should be paid to the fact that such value should not exceed 60C.