New Product : Composite Curing Blankets


New Product: Composite Curing Blankets​

The composite curing blanket, which we added to our product groups this year, offers an effective solution for the heating of local areas, especially in the repair and production of wind turbines.

Thanks to our specially developed control card and software, it provides safe curing by taking measurements from two different points, and it can also do this curing process by spreading it over time with a ramped heating, according to the user’s demand.

Thanks to the flexible and homogeneous structure of the film heater we have produced, it completely covers the surface to be cured and provides a homogeneous heating in the working area and performs the curing.

Lock and ring connections have been added to facilitate the assembly of the person who will use it on the turbine. At the same time, thanks to its special insulation, it warms up quickly without being affected by external conditions, while this insulation is kept at a level that does not burden the user.

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