New Product: Filter Heaters

filtre ısıtıcı

New Product : Filter Heaters ​

The diesel filter is a part generally used in diesel engine vehicles. This filter keeps the solid particles and other contaminants in the fuel, allowing the engine to run cleaner. However, since diesel oil has a tendency to freeze in cold weather conditions, the diesel filter can be warmed or heated.

Heating the diesel filter is generally done to increase the performance of the vehicle in cold starting situations. Freezing of diesel fuel in cold weather conditions may cause blockages in the filter and a decrease in engine performance. Therefore, warming the diesel filter can help the engine run more effectively by facilitating the flow of fuel.

You can use Omak Heaters Fuel Filter Heater to heat the diesel filter.

Our Filter Heater surrounds the diesel filter and keeps it at a constant temperature thanks to the temperature control mechanism on it.

While doing this, it uses the vehicle’s battery voltage and 24 or 12 Volts can be produced according to the customer’s demand.

Since the product is covered with silicone glass fiber fabric, it does not allow heat escape to the outside environment and can be easily wiped.

Diesel Filter Heater Mazot Filtre Isıtıcı
Filter Heater
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