Flexible Drum and Barrel Heater Blanket

The Flexible Drum and Barrel Heater Blanket is the perfect solution for heating drums and barrels. 

This heater is designed to fit your barrel, can or plastic or sheet metal drum. It provides equal heat distribution throughout the barrel and heaters can be used in materials such as paraffin, epoxy, vaseline, and sles. 

The heater is easy to install and the adjustable temperature control allows you to set the temperature quickly and easily. With its durable structure and simple design, the Flexible Barrel Heater will provide you with reliable heating performance.

Omak Heater Barrel Heater Blanket

Varil Isıtıcı Ceket
Barrel Heater Blanket
Plastik Varil/Bidon Isıtıcısı, Drum Heater
Plastic Drum and Barrel Heater Blanket