How and why are the composite curing blankets used in wind turbine blades?

How and why are the composite curing blankets used in wind turbine blades?

Damages occur on wind turbine blades during various occasions starting from the production stage to transportation and installation phases or due to lightning strikes or outdoor works.

Such damages can be repaired on site of the turbines by the specialist teams.  The indicated turbines usually involve the use of epoxy resins. However, the epoxy resin, when not cured under the appropriate temperature values, do not provide the necessary durability.

We, in Omak Heating Systems, produce composite curing blankets  for curing the chemicals / epoxy resins that are used for the blade repairs, in a rapid and right manner.

The composite curing blankets that are manufactured in accordance with the blade shape and form of the wind turbines and which provide %100 homogenous heating across the blade, is also manufactured with dual layer insulation for heating up easily.

The wind turbine blade repair blankets that are custom produced based on the size and specifications that our customers require, are controlled by the proprietary temperature control devices, developed by us. 

Due to the fact that the cross section of the wind turbines differ along the blade varies, temperature differences also occur naturally. In order to prevent any negivative effects due to such differences, we employ digital sensors to set upper temperature limits. Furthermore, for the optional gradual heating feature, the digital temperature controller has a ramped operating mode.

Our light-weight and portable heaters, thanks to their high efficiency, aim to keep the electricity consumption requirement on-site when the repairs or the wind turbine blades are under repair.

Composite Curing Blankets

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Composite Curing Blanket for Wind Turbine Repair
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Composite Curing Blanket
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